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Month 1 – Professional Presence

You understand that we are always communicating. Either by default or design. And you are now taking control for your connections - with others and yourself. Get ready: You are about to learn, unlearn and relearn skills that will change everything. Because human communications is everything. For every job. Every person. Every day.


Month 2 – Motivate and Inspire

This month, learn how to motivate others and yourself. You don't have to be in politics to launch a winning campaign. And discover why wellness is essential for connecting communciations.


Month 3 – Dynamic Presentations

It doesn't matter what what field you're in, at some point, you will be expected to speak before your peers. This month, you will learn step-by-step to confidently craft and deliver any kind of presentation. Before a crowd of thousands or around the business board room table.


Month 4 – Compelling Storytelling

You've tackled presentations -and this month we breakdown one of the biggest buzz-words out there today: storytelling. Anyone can do this well. But it's a developed talent, not one you're born with. Click on Week 1 to get started!


Month 5 – My Online Brand

This four-week course explores what we think about howselves, how we can better connect with others one-on-one, and how to make positive professional impressions on social media.


Month 6 – Business Writing

This final month of learning how to communicate with impact kicks off with that often overlooked subject of business writing. Learn how to get your memos and emails actually read!


The Language of Leadership – Full Course

The Language of Leadership is a customized platform that provides practical and experiential training to help you build communication and leadership skills. The platform includes daily video lessons exploring in-depth communication themes and interactive exercises designed to put your learning into practice.