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Get Access to Gina London’s
Language Of Leadership Academy

Professional Presence

This training program holds the keys for you to build your self-awareness to lead confidently with credibility and warmth which enables you to communicate correctly instantly (and that means you’ll be able to become a more confident, warm and engaging leader).

$597 Value

Storytelling & Pitch

We help you learn how to confidently and accurately deliver your message which helps you lead your team with deep levels of communication (so you can get your message across to people you come into contact with, and with impact).

$347 Value

Your Online Presence

You can learn the secret to discover what people are learning about you online which lets you create the online presence that positions you in the best possible light (and that means you can be seen as a true leader online).

$107 Value

Inspiring & Motivating Others

Our program holds the keys for you to ignite the spark and create the vision to move people to action… become an inspirational leader (and that means you’ll be able to lead your team and they follow with passion to deliver).

$297 Value

Powerful Presentations

This asset makes it easy for you to present to your audience in a way where they not only pay attention, but absorb the information, which helps you make your presentations powerful and impactful (which means you will present not only with confidence but deliver your message in a way that will passionately move your audience).

$397 Value

Communication & Business Writing

Our powerful training gives you the secret to developing strong writing skills that move and inspire your reader so you can get your written message across and have your audience enjoy receiving your message and take positive action on it (and that means you can inspire and move your readers into the correct direction you want to take them)

$297 Value

10 Exercises To Like The Sound
of Your Voice More

We’ll let you in on the secret for you to feel confident with the sound of your own voice, which helps you deliver your message without being distracted by how you feel about how you sound (and that means you can deliver all your messages and communication without the worry of not liking how you sound).

$447 Value

10 Easy Lessons in Body
Language You Can Try Today!

This training program makes it easy to understand the non verbal communication skills which lets you know what people are thinking and if they understand you or not (which means you will know exactly what people are thinking without them even saying a word, you’ll know whether your message has connected with them or if they have not understood, therefore giving you the opportunity to explain again.)

$247 Value

Self-Care While Working From Home

The first person that we communicate with every morning and the last person we communicate with at night is ourselves. I’ve written these tips to help you focus on yourself, the work you need to get done, be more productive, give yourself more time for you, and as a result, for the people you care about.

$??? Value

Total Value: $2,736

Your Price Today: $197