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Month 6 – Business Writing

Month 6 – Business Writing

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The Language of Leadership is a new way to train your organisation, your team and yourself to become the leader you want to be. We’ve created a customised platform that provides practical and experiential training and video micro lessons to help you incrementally improve your communication and leadership skills. We will send you daily video micro lessons which explore in-depth communication themes followed by interactive exercises designed to put your learning into practice.

Your competency and confidence will develop over the six month programme as you learn to implement strategic layered communication techniques and practices transforming those who communicate by “default” to people who actively and intentionally communicate by ‘design’. Your responses are available throughout the programme so you can review your progress and development as it evolves over time.

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Lesson Content
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List the top three ways you are communicating now
Identify the next person you are going to write to & write a brief summary about them & the context in which they'll receive your communication
Begin thinking about and adopting the reverse pyramid style of writing
Identify relevant stakeholders and develop business writing guidelines to suit your organisation
Print out three examples of your writing. Examine your style and then ask a colleague or friend for feedback
Lesson Content
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List three jargony or overly technical words you will avoid from now on
Identify and catalogue any areas of grammar, spelling or use of the Active Voice that you can improve upon
Identify your sentences or paragraphs that are in active v passive. And change all to passive
Examine a sample of your writing and identify the tone that you have used. How can it be improved?
Rewrite a sample of text reducing the word count and refining the structure
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Identify the elements that make up your e-mails and start thinking about your salutations, subject line, content body and closing
Selectively reconstruct an existing email using headlines, bullet points, numbers, color accents, font options and bold-face print
Compose a specific closing 'reminder' with your call to action in your next email and use a sign off that is personal to your reader
Add a P.S to your next email providing an additional and significant piece of information
Avoid lengthy, open-ended communication in future emails by taking control and being specific with times, dates and places
Lesson Content
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Design a selection of writing templates that you can employ in your every day writing
Remember it's about THEM - not you!
Critique a communication text and write down ways it could be more effective if it was simplified
Reaffirm the leadership style you wish to achieve
Congratulations from Gina and the Language of Leadership team!