Becoming a Purposeful Communicator

    My Testimonial and Post-Assessment

    My Testimonial

    We would be very grateful if you would share a few words about how you feel now that you have completed a development session with Gina London.

    Now that you have participated in a training session, please answer the following questions.
    Here’s to your continued success!

    1 I didn’t

    2 I am

    3 I am looking
    forward to
    actively applying

    4 I would
    like to dive

    I have become more aware of my professional brand
    I will make choices and stand behind my choices on wardrobe, accessories, hair, shoes, etc.
    I will take ownership of how my appearance sends a message to others all the time
    I understand the importance of my professional brand
    I understand that I am never not communicating.
    I am taking responsibility for my expression, gestures and posture
    I am aware that people read my body language and now have learned ways to more actively apply engaging body language
    I understand and now can actively more caring listening techniques
    I more confidently know how to stand and move during presentations
    I am aware of and can begin to apply the AIM strategy to all communications events
    I understand how to power up my content to use more vivid and engaging words
    I know how to break down technical language to reach broader audiences
    I am more confident in my projection and clarity
    I can begin to actively use storytelling to illustrate business points
    I know how to clearly state my message so the audience knows what’s “in it for them”
    I understand there is emotion behind words
    I can more confidently use vocal variety (pace, volume, pitch, tone, inflection)
    I can become a compelling, memorable and engaging communicator